Alumni Feedback

Jeff Aronson

Managing Principal, Centerbridge Partners LP

Class of: 1980

At the CFE, students are given a thorough technical education and are also exposed to a liberal arts perspective.

Matthew Auran

Class of: 2017

My role as a technology investment banking analyst at J.P. Morgan stemmed directly from the connections I was able to leverage from [the Seminar in Financial Literacy].

Zackary Baker

Class of: 2019

"History and Future of the Hedge Fund Industry" is the most entertaining class I have taken at Hopkins.

Charlie Bushnell

Class of: 2017

Take advantage of the resources at JHU’s CFE, and succeeding during Wall Street internships becomes much easier.

Kaitlyn Coleman

Private Equity Associate, Tritium Partners

Class of: 2015

After an hour of listening to Professor Barbera animatedly talk about the Fed and the latest jobs report, I was hooked.

Ellis Flannery

Class of: 2017

Classes ... taken as part of my financial economics minor not only taught me about finance but they helped me ace my interviews and ultimately succeed as an Equity Research Analyst on Wall Street.

Jeremy Fraenkel

Class of: 2017

The Reality Roundtable course (formally: Finance and the Macroeconomy) was more than just a regular economics class.

Rachel Furhrman

Class of: 2017

[Investments] ended up being my favorite class and one in which I had the most success!

John Hardin

Class of: 2015

Most financial articles are very consensus-oriented and not very insightful. [CFE's] work is different because it always addresses a second level of thinking.

Phillip Harris

Class of: 2017

Taking "Financial Markets and Institutions" with Professor Faust helped me realize my passion for finance.

Molly Hirshik

Class of: 2017

The courses I’ve taken in the CFE have made me a more informed and critical member of society.

Niko Kotsoulas

Class of: 2016

Anyone pursuing a career in finance or business should heavily consider completing the financial economics minor.

Ron LaMorte

Portfolio manager

Class of: 1993

I am a real believer in the CFE program, it is so inspiring to see all those youngsters discussing economics and contemplating financial careers. Every day of my 20 years on the buyside I am surprised how well my bachelor’s in economics from JHU has served me. In my more than a decade as a […]

Sean McGrath

Class of: 2016

Being able to partake in such a discussion with and learn from these individuals was unlike any other experience I have had at Hopkins

John Schwarcz

Class of: 2017

Learning the fundamentals of finance and economics from world-class professors who have worked for the Federal Reserve and Wall Street is an incredible opportunity. Do not pass it up.