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Author Archives: Robert Barbera

CFE Analysis | Fed

Six Degrees of Separation in Practice

In a recent Financial Times article, Faust notes: [A] growing chorus of voices as diverse as Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the presidency, and Martin Feldstein, former chief economic […]

CFE Analysis | Fed

We love a good sequel, but …

Over the last several weeks, investors faced the realizations that the Fed might take one more step on the road to normalization and that Mario Draghi’s ‘Do what it takes’ […]

CFE Analysis | Macro

Are the Saudis Thinking Clearly? And Should We?

Given Saudi Arabia’s long-standing commitment to act as swing producer to stabilize prices, current Saudi behavior raises big questions. Why is Saudi Arabia pumping at historic rates in the face of a collapse in the oil price? And, as President Obama’s state of the union message highlights, what should be the U.S. policy response?

CFE Analysis | Fed

Two big questions

Simple plots of recent GDP and inflation data highlight two profoundly important questions facing monetary policymakers in the United States. GDP is at a level several percentage points below reasonable […]

CFE Analysis | Macro

Jobs, inflation, and growth in 2015

Recent readings for the U.S. economy are filled with contradictions. Non-farm payroll gains were quite strong. Unemployment fell to 5.7% from 6.1%, last September. Nonetheless, real GDP growth was soft, […]