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Prof. Wright: TIPS Not Signaling Inflation

Prof. Wright recently had a guest column on the WSJ Real Time Economics site arguing that (despite what front-page stories in the NYT ans WSJ say) the TIPS market is showing worrisome signs that inflation will be too low, not too high. Go to WSJ

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Professor Faust on Derivatives and Economic Instabilityb

In the mid-1990s as the open interest in some financial derivatives began to explode, Prof. Faust (Director of the Center but then at the Fed), was involved in several meetings where various experts argued that derivatives could not contribute to instability–derivatives only allow risk to be allocated to those who could bear it most efficiently. […]

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Professor Wright Makes a Movie

Professor Jonathan Wright, who teaches investments at the CFE, along with Refet Gurkaynak, of Bilkent University in Turkey, have recently branched out into the film industry, creating a yield curve movie showing some peculiar behavior of the term structure of interest rates during the recent crisis. Ok, it may not be Citizen Kane, but we […]