John Hardin

Thank you for CFE blog posts, I really enjoy your insights. I had the privilege to learn from CFE faculty at Hopkins, and I appreciate you sharing that same level of intellectual capital with alumni and the broader audience.

Most financial articles are very consensus-oriented and not very insightful. Your work is different because it always addresses a second level of thinking.

Shaoze Yu

Mr. Heerdt is a really nice teacher, and is also a good mentor for students. I’ve been re-reading the books from the class, and I can always find something interesting when I read them for another time. The class helped me have a better picture of the world of finance and inspire me to become a qualified quantitative trader in the future.

Ron LaMorte

I am a real believer in the CFE program, it is so inspiring to see all those youngsters discussing economics and contemplating financial careers. Every day of my 20 years on the buyside I am surprised how well my bachelor’s in economics from JHU has served me. In my more than a decade as a market neutral equity PM, applying my JHU studies to the workings of the world around me has been a crucial differentiator from my peers.

Today, economics feels as though it is divided by a deepening chasm, with esoteric academics on the one side, buried in equations not even their peers have time to unravel, and cocktail party economists on the other, standing on paper-thin opinions without the backing of scrutiny and analysis. If not guided by some sensible applied economic logic, the rest of us will certainly slip into the gap. Your program seems to provide students a ladder to climb out.

Zackary Baker

“History and Future of the Hedge Fund Industry” is the most entertaining class I have taken at Hopkins. Mr. Heerdt draws upon years of industry experience and a deep knowledge base to introduce financial instruments and numerous investing strategies in the context of gripping stories from history. From the very first “hedged fund,” to the macro-traders of the 1980s and ’90s, to the modern quantitative and systematic strategies employed today, the material covered in this course is engaging and exciting. If you are interested in finance, especially in investing, this course is a must-take.