Ikenna Okafor


<p>Business is essentially a collection of humans that have a similar mission. If used correctly, business can be a great tool for solving many global problems.</p>

Kendra Grissom


<p>I work with a lot of different faculty members, and I feel like I have more of an advising team than a singular adviser.</p>

Ariel Parker

Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology and Biophysics

<p>In conjunction with another Boggs Fellow and the Teaching Academy, I have  helped develop a workshop for training biology and graduate teaching assistants.</p>

Malik Walker

Physics and Astronomy

<p>The Physics and Astronomy department here has a number of faculty who are interested in studying the subfield of high energy and plasma astrophysics.</p>

Rachel M. Harris


<p>I chose Hopkins because of the research I would be doing, the graduate students in my department, and the facilities.</p>

Tara Ghazi

Psychological and Brain Sciences

<p>My research is focused on understanding the ways oscillatory brain activity underlying working memory in humans may be different based upon sex, gender, and age. </p>

Alfredo Cumerma

Modern Languages

<p>I found that one of the advantages of a Hopkins doctoral education is its deep interdisciplinary nature.</p>