Student Profiles

Ikenna Okafor


Business is essentially a collection of humans that have a similar mission. If used correctly, business can be a great tool for solving many global problems.

Jasmine Sausedo


I decided to come to Hopkins because I was drawn to the social justice-oriented research being conducted by the sociology department.

Jean-Ederson Jean-Pierre

Modern Languages and Literatures 

What I find most exciting about the program is the freedom that I have to explore any topic I want in the field.

Mateo Velasquez-Giraldo


What I have found most exciting is that there is a group of professors with very exciting research agendas who are willing to mentor and collaborate with you.

Tara Ghazi

Psychological and Brain Sciences 

My research is focused on understanding the ways oscillatory brain activity underlying working memory in humans may be different based upon sex, gender, and age. 

Tashi Treadway


The Hopkins Department of Classics is a natural fit for me because it is an internationally rich and culturally diverse close-knit community.