Happy 2018

Research at the Krieger School encompasses many fields, subjects, and methodologies. Here’s a pictorial representation of some of the work we do.

1. Three-dimensional rendering of a biophysics model. (Department of Biophysics)
2. Textual inquiry is the basis for much of the research done in the Department of English.
3. An image of a fruit fly retina, from the lab of Robert Johnston, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology.
4. A detail from The Walters Art Museum version of the medieval French text, Roman de la Rose, care of the Roman de la Rose Digital Library, a joint project of the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University and the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
5. The Krieger school is home to the departments of Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, and the Krieger Mind Brain Institute.
6. Frederick Douglass, the topic of Bloomberg Professor Lawrence Jackson’s recent graduate seminar, Mapping Frederick Douglass.
7. Detail from a reproduction of a medieval map depicting the Camino de Santiago, the network of pilgrim routes across Europe that lead to Saint James’ tomb in Santiago de Compostela. (From the office of Christopher Lakey, Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art)
8. A fifth century B.C.E. kylix from the JHU Archaeological Museum. This Greek drinking cup entered the university’s collection not long after the institution’s founding.
9. A crystal made in the lab of Tyrel McQueen, Associate Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy.
10. Mathematical equations written in the hand of Nitu Kitchloo, Professor in the Department of Mathematics.
11. A close-up of object unearthed during archaeological dig in Luxor, Egypt with Near Eastern Studies Professor Betsy Bryan.
12. International Studies is one of the Krieger School’s most popular majors.
13. The Program in Film and Media Studies has been introducing students to the rigors of filmmaking for over 20 years.
14. The Krieger School maintains close working relationships with local arts institutions, including our neighbor, the Baltimore Museum of Art, home of one of only 21 authorized “heroic” sized casts of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker.
15. A portion of a copper molecule model from Remsen Hall’s storage, home to a treasure trove of vintage models and scientific equipment.
16. The Ethiopian fieldwork site of Michael Harrower, Associate Professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies.
17. A colorful mask in the office of William Rowe, John and Diane Cooke Professor of Chinese History, Department of History.
18. Homewood House, a jewel of the Homewood campus, is a fine example of Palladian and Federal architecture.