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How did a classics major end up working for the United States Navy?

From the Spring 2016 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine: What to do with a PhD in classical studies when you realize you don’t want to enter academia? As it turns out, you have more options than you might think. Such was the discovery of Kristina Giannotta ’03 (PhD), now branch head of histories for the […]

Students from the Program for Museums and Society help plan a unique exhibition

From the Spring 2016 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine: Sometimes, as 11 undergraduates learned during the spring semester, the most interesting thing about a book is not the words it contains, but the actual book itself. When, exactly, is an object a book, and when is it not? How does the physical book relate to […]

A conversation with Professor Bill Egginton about the complexities of Don Quixote

From the Spring 2016 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine: William Egginton says he isn’t tilting at windmills when contending that the conventional wisdom about Don Quixote doesn’t even scrape the surface of Miguel de Cervantes’ 17th-century masterpiece. “People think it’s about idealism or windmills, or it’s a work of satire,” says Egginton, the Andrew W. […]

The Hopkins Review quietly becomes a force among university literary magazines

From the Spring 2016 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine: It takes a certain amount of courage to publish a serious, print-based literary magazine these days. Readers have too many claims on their increasingly fragmented attention, and anyone with access to a computer or a smartphone can publish his or her work online as soon as […]

Johns Hopkins establishes Humanities Institute

Philanthropist Elizabeth Grass Weese and her brother, Roger Grass, have committed $10 million to advance humanities scholarship and teaching at the Johns Hopkins University and to promote literature, art, philosophy, history, and other cultural studies in Baltimore and the wider community. Their gift, through the Alexander Grass Foundation, is the largest ever to Johns Hopkins exclusively for the support of the humanities.