Latest Past Events

Sensus Non-Communis: Gegenwarten im Widerstreit. International Conference 

@ Sensus Non-Communis. Gegenwarten im Widerstreit International Conference  – 13.-14. Juni 2024 – Universität Bonn A cooperation between the Max Kade Institute for Modern German Thought & the GRK DFG-Graduiertenkolleg Gegenwart/Literatur Conference description (German): Einer gängigen Auffassung zufolge ist die heutige Zeit charakterisiert durch eine radikale Nicht-Gemeinschaftlichkeit. „Wir sollten nicht betonen, was alle Menschen verbindet, sondern […]

Bodian Seminar: Stefan Mihalas

@ Stefan Mihalas, Ph.D.InvestigatorAllen Institute for Brain Science Computing with complex components: How heterogeneous, nonstationary and noisy neurons and synapses contribute to the brain’s computational power While artificial neural networks have taken inspiration from biological ones, one salient difference exists at the level of components. Artificial networks are generally built with homogeneous, stationary and deterministic […]

Blast Courses 2024: Registration Opens!


Welcome back for Blast Courses 2024! About the program: That's right: AGHI is proud to boast a whopping FOURTEEN new courses for Summer 2024, all gathering students from all places and all interests for our 5-week online interactive courses. Blast Courses are all about asking good questions, starting with some basics—including this year, what was […]