Public Humanities

The Alexander Grass Humanities Institute and the Bird in Hand Bookshop have kicked off a new initiative in the public humanities called “Humanities in the Village.” The endeavor seeks to bring fresh scholarly work from our city’s thriving universities and colleges into conversation with a broader public audience. How does humanities research intersect with contemporary social and political concerns? Can we include these intersections in our developing work, bringing our scholarship into closer resonance with the pressing public matters of this time?

Time: Always at 7 p.m. on the last Monday of each month
Location: Bird in Hand Bookshop in Charles Village
Format: Scholars present short and accessible excerpts of ongoing research, followed by spirited sessions of collective discussion and feedback.
Audience: These events draw a diverse audience of local teachers, students, professionals, activists, book lovers, and public intellectuals. The intimate setting provides scholars with the invaluable opportunity to fold critical dialogue into their ongoing projects.

Present at a Humanities in the Village event.

2019 Humanities in the Village Events

November 25 – Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, MSU

October 28 – Rachel Waxman, JHU:

September 30 – Shane Butler, JHU: The Queer Mind Of John Addington Symonds

August 26 – Seth Forrest: Noise Poetics

July 29 – Francesco Brenna: What Does Literature Do? The Renaissance and the Value of Literature Today

June 24 – Alessandro Angelini: Hands on the City: The Stuff of Imagination

April 29 – Juliette Wells: Collecting Jane Austen in America – Alberta H. Burke Of Baltimore And Charles Beecher Hogan Of Yale

March 25 – Harold Morales: Religion and Inequality in Baltimore

Feb. 25 – Anand Pandian: Impervious: Walls and Borders in Everyday American Life