Governance Board

The Interdisciplinary Humanistic Studies program is governed by a board drawn from faculty in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences at Johns Hopkins. The board provides general oversight of the program and serves as the program’s admissions committee.

  • Matthew Roller

    Matthew Roller

    Professor of Classics

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

  • Joel Andreas

    Joel Andreas

    Associate Professor, Sociology

    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Richard Bett

    Richard Bett

    Professor and Chair, Philosophy

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

  • Shane Butler

    Shane Butler

    Nancy H. and Robert E. Hall Professor in the Humanities
    Professor and Chair of Classics
    Chair, Department of Classics

    PhD, Columbia University

    Research Interests:  Latin Literature (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance), media history and theory, classical reception

  • Christopher Cannon

    Christopher Cannon

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of English and Classics

    PhD, Harvard University

  • Samuel Chambers

    Samuel Chambers

    Professor, Political Science

    PhD, University of Minnesota

  • William Egginton

    William Egginton

    Decker Professor in the Humanities, MLL
    Director, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute

    PhD, Stanford University

  • Marian Feldman

    Marian Feldman

    Professor and W.H. Collins Vickers Chair in Archaeology, History of Art

    PhD, Harvard University

  • Anand Gnanadesikan

    Anand Gnanadesikan

    Morton K. Blaustein Chair and Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

    PhD, MIT

  • María M. Portuondo

    María M. Portuondo

    Associate Professor and Chair, History of Science and Technology

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University