Aronson Center Speaker Series Continues: Iran & Nuclear Policy

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On September 26th, as part of the Aronson Center for International Studies Midterm Elections Speaker Series, Dean Vali Nasr of the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, addressed the Homewood community on Iran’s nuclear policy and the international reaction it has spurred.  Dean Nasr presented a three-tiered characterization of the topic focusing on Iran’s nuclear policy ambitions, the domestic dynamic within Iran and the regional dynamic of Iran. Regarding the ambition for nuclearization, Dean Nasr sees Iran as motivated to seek parity with regional nuclear powers such as India and China.  He also considers the economic catalysts for nuclear power, given Iran has had a lack of foreign investment in oil and fuel and seeks nuclearization for energy development reasons. Dean Nasr also spoke of the popularity of the Iran Nuclear Deal in Iran and how its people perceive the deal as an opening act into the normalization of relations within the international order but at the same time feel cheated by the current U.S. Administration’s move to pull out of the deal.   

The Aronson Center for International Studies speaker series features top Hopkins scholars who will discuss the possible foreign policy implications of the 2018 midterm elections. For a list of upcoming speakers, topics, dates and locations, check out the Aronson Center web site.