Cultural Clubs

African Students Association

The African Students Association (ASA) at Johns Hopkins University comprises a group of students of African and non-African descent dedicated to the education of the Hopkins community at large of the different cultures that comprise the African continent. ASA also provides a network of support for African students at Johns Hopkins. The African Students Association is a service as well as social organization which aims to rid misconceptions concerning Africa through education.

Brazilian Students Association

The Brazilian Students Association brings awareness of Brazilian culture to the JHU community through various events, by increasing the multicultural spirit on campus, and promoting and fostering a better understanding of Brazilian culture, its people, diversity, and values. The group strives to preserve and strengthen relationships with any and all individuals and organizations interested in Brazil and its culture and to help all Brazilians adapt to life at JHU.

Chinese Students Association

The Chinese Students Association (CSA) is a Chinese culture student interest group at Johns Hopkins University. CSA’s primary goal is to promote the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Chinese culture through public events. In addition, CSA fosters a supportive social and cultural environment in order to encourage cohesion and unity of the Chinese student body. CSA welcomes students of all ethnic backgrounds to participate and learn about Chinese culture. Students interested in joining the list serve can email

Inter-Asian Council

Founded in 1992 by the Office of the Dean of Student Life, the Inter-Asian Council at Johns Hopkins University has sought to foster unity among the Asian and Asian American communities at Homewood and to empower students to discuss issues of identity, politics, and race. The Inter-Asian Council serves as a medium for Asian Pacific groups at Hopkins to collaborate and to work together towards shared goals and causes. Past events have involved philanthropy, identity workshops, social mixers, performances featuring prominent Asian American entertainers, team-building activities, and pan-Asian cultural events.

Italian Club (CIAO)

The goals of Ciao! The Johns Hopkins Italian Club are to raise awareness of Italian culture among the JHU community, encourage practice and appreciation of language among experienced and beginners alike, and always enjoy Italian food! In past years, events have included cooking demonstrations, Italian-language conversation tables, film screenings, gelato & pizza parties, and more!  All students are welcome to become members and apply for leadership positions.

Muslim Association

The Johns Hopkins University Muslim Association is an active religious group on campus dedicated to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The group seeks to raise awareness of the religion of Islam as well as engage and interact with the Hopkins and Baltimore community in a positive and beneficial manner.


OLÉ strives to create a positive inclusive environment that promotes the history, culture, and intellectual contributions of Latin America. In pursuit of the advocacy of Latino heritage, OLÉ addresses and vocalizes local and national issues as a means to integrate, engage and empower students.

Singapore Students Association

The Singapore Students Association creates a home away from home for its members. Being 10,000 miles away from the tropical land filled with gastronomic delights of many different cultures, the members of this organization seek great joy and pleasure in the company of people who enjoy their Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Ice Kachang, and who appreciate the unique language, Singlish.

South Asian Students at Hopkins

South Asian Students at Hopkins (SASH) is a nonprofit student group whose goal is to foster a sense of community within the South Asian student body and increase South Asian cultural awareness throughout the JHU campus, as well as the surrounding Baltimore area. We organize cultural shows, service events, and other social gatherings open to all JHU students, faculty, and staff, so that everyone is able to experience what it means to be South Asian.

Turkish Students Association

JHU Turkish Student Association welcomes everyone who is interested in the Turkish culture. The mission of the group is to promote Turkey, Turkish culture and foster communication and unity among the Turkish people and the people who are interested in Turkish culture.