10th Lavy Colloquium

Cecile Kuznitz
Another Path to our Youth: Building Jewish Educational Institutions in 1930s Poland

Gershon Bacon
“To Enlist the Enthusiasm of Youth”: Orthodox Jewish Non-political Responses to the Challenges of Interwar Poland

Daniel Rosenthal
“Without an Ideal” Disillusionment in Formulations of Jewish Selfhood and the Problem of Suicide in 1930s Poland

Joshua Karlip
The Elusive Quest for Normalization: Zelig Hirsh Kalmanovitch and the Crisis of the 1930s

Glenn Dynner
Religion’s Refuge: Jewish Counter-Modernity in Interwar Poland

Miriam Trinh
Poland or Homeland? Politicla Awareness in the Early Poetry of Chaim Grade and Avrom Sutskever

Antony Polonsky
“A Ball at the Opera”: Julian Tuwim’s Jewish Apocalypse

Samuel Kassow
Economic Crisis and Self-Help in the Polish Jewish Press 1935–1939

David Engle
Polish Jewish Political Thought Under Nazi Impact: Some Preliminary Observations

Anna Landau
Poles-Us, Them Strangers Poles in the Polish Language Jewish Press in Interwar Poland

Gerturd Pickhan
Freedom as a Leitmotif: Victor Alter’s Concept of a Just Society

Kenneth Moss
Rethinking the Causes of our Plight: Extrusionary Nationalis, Global Racism, State Rationality, and the New Antisemitism in 1930s Diasporits and Zionist Thought

Jonathan Dekel-Chen
Transnationalism, Ltd: Mobilizing for Polish Jews During the Interwar Period

Sarah Zarrow
Collection of Ethnograph as Politics by Other Means

Natalia Aleksiun
Political Culture and University Politics: Jewish Students in the Second Polish Republic