11th Lavy Colloquium

May 4 and 5, 2016

Israel’s East European Lineages: Russian and Polish Jewish History, Zionism, and Israeli Political Cultures

Wednesday, May 4

Keynote Address

Anita Shapira (Tel Aviv University, Emerita):
Jewish Palestine and Eastern Europe: I Am in the East and My Heart Is in the West

Panel 1
The Polish Frameworks of Zionist Political Culture

Ela Bauer (Kibbutzim College and Tel Aviv University):
From Thought to Action: Polish Political Thought and Its Zionist Appropriations

Kamil Kijek (University of Wroclaw):
Children of Modernism. Jewish Youth Political Culture in the Last Decade of Interwar Poland

Stephan Stach (Institute for Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Science):
For the “Jews’ Common Good” and for the Polish State – Aleksander Hafftka as Jewish Public Figure and Polish State Official

Panel 2
East European Genealogies of Orthodoxy in Israel

Benjamin Brown (Hebrew University of Jerusalem):
Hasidic Leadership: From Charismatic to Hereditary and Back

Iris Brown (Ono Academic College):
Beit Yaakov from Poland to Israel: Ideology and Practice

Thursday, May 5

Panel 3
Russian Imperial Lineages of the Yishuv

Simon Rabinovitch (Boston University):
Defining the Bounds of Community in Eastern Europe and the Yishuv

Mihaly Kalman (Harvard University):
From the Pale to Palestine: The ‘Odessa Group’ and Reading Resistance to Pogroms in the Pre-State Period

Panel 4
Israeli Polity and Culture and Its Eastern European Inheritances

Rachel Rojanski (Brown University):
Between Eastern Europe and the Zionist Master Narrative: Yiddish Literature in Israel in the Early 1950s

Marcos Silber (Haifa University):
Nation State and Minority Rights – Between Poland and Israel

Israel Bartal, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (emeritus)
Kenneth Moss, Johns Hopkins University
Benjamin Nathans, University of Pennsylvania
Taro Tsurumi, University of Tokyo