1st Lavy Colloquium

Avivia Ben-Ur
How Jews Became Black Folks: The Case of Suriname

Wim Klooster
Networks of Colonial Entrepreneurs: The Founding Father of the Jewish Settlements in Dutch American 1650s and 1660s

Ronnie Perelis
Encountering the Other/Remaking the Self: The Construction of Identity and the Encounter with the Other in Two Marrano Autobiographies

Jonathan Schorsch
Atlantic Jews, Race, and War (Seen Through Early 21st-Century Potholes)

Holly Snyder
English Markets, Jewish Merchants, and Atlantic Endeavors: Jews and the Making of British Transatlantic Commercial Culture 1650–1800

David Studnicki
La Nacion Amongst the Nations: Portguese, and other Maritime Trading Diasporas in the Atlantic 16th–18th Centuries