3rd Lavy Colloquium

Yve-Allain Bois
Barnett Newman’s Covenant

Stephen Campbell
Renaissance Natrualism and the Jewish Bible: Ferrara and Brescia 1520–1540

Madeline Caviness
Immunity of Person and Property Accorded to the Jews in the Sachsenspeigel picture books: Compensation and Recuperation

Kathleen Corrigan
Visualizing the Divine: The Sinai Icon of the “Ancient Days”

Jas Eisner
Pharoah’s Army Got Drowned: Some Reflections on Jewish and Roman Genealogies in Early Christian Art

Dana Katz
The Gaze and The Ghetto in Early Modern Venice

Marcia Kupfer
Abraham Circumcises Himself: A Scene at the Endgame of Jewish Utility to Christian Art in Late 14th-Century France and 15th-Century Spain

Sara Lipton
Jewish Eyes, 1150–1175

Mitchell Merback
Lords Supper and Passover Sacrilege: Shared Images and the Confrontations of Rituals in the Northern Renaissance Altarpiece

Margaret Olin
Jewish Art and the National Past(t)ime

Filipe Pereda
Social Discord and the Evolution of Image Theory in Early Modern Castile

Francisco Prado-Vilar
In the Hall of Mirrors: Illuminating the Jews in Medieval Iberia

Achim Timmerman
Frau Venus, the Eucharist, and the Jews of Landshut