4th Lavy Colloquium

David Bell
Jews and Nationalism in France

Liliane Weissberg
Metropolis of Freedom: Berlin Jews in Paris, 1789-1812

Christine Holbo
On Reading Heiney in Ohio: Incomplete Emancipation and the Project of American Realism

David Assaf
When the Rebbe met the Tsar: Hasidic Leaders Struggling with the Authorities

Roger Friedland
The Institution of Religious Violence and the Erotics of Sovereignty

Oded Schechter
Rabbi Hoel Teitelboi: Is Jewish Secularism Equal to Nationalism? An Analysis of the Apria of Babel

Israel Bartal
Der Gidisher Kozak/The Jewish Cossack

Neta Stahl
The Zionism Jesus

Yael Zerubaval
Nationalism and the Search for Appropriate Roots: The Israeli Case

Mary Gluck
Jewish Self-Fashioning Through Popular Culture in Fin-de-Siecle Budapest

Kenneth Moss
Be a Polish Jews in the Mountains and a Third Sex at Home: Rethinking Jewish Society and Self Cultivation in Nationalist Eastern Europe

Svtlana Boym
A Half-Jew and a Role Player: Modernist Humanism, Rootless Cosmopolitanism, and Civic Conscience

Scott Spector
Savage Nation: Expertise, Rumor, and the Revival of the Blood Libel in the Late Habsburg Empire

Eric Oberle
Universalizing George Simmel’s Stranger: The Philosophy of Money as a Model of Social Modernity

Marc Caplan
Between Self and Other: Displacement, Dislocation, and Deferral in Dovid Begelson’s “Mides ha-din” and Alfred Doblin’s “Reise in Polen”