5th Lavy Colloquium

Daniel Boyarin
The Sovereignth of the Son of Man: Reading Mark 2

Michael Swartz
The Magical Jesus in Ancient Jewish Literature

Adam Gregerman
Zero-Sum Prophecy, Ancient Jewish Attacks on Jesus as the Messiah of Israel and True Teacher of Torah in Origen’s Contra Celsum

Avigdor Shinan
Behold, One Greater Than Jonah Is Here

Moshe Idel
Abraham Abulafia: The Kabbalistic “Son of God” on Jesus

Elchanan Reiner
An so Jesus Begat Rashbi

Joanna Weinberg
Jesus on the Cross and Psalm 22: A Contentious Issue

Yitzhak Melamed
Christ According to the Spirit: Spinoza, Jesus, and the Infinite Intellect

Matt Goldish
Observations on Jacob Frank and Jesus

Neta Stahl
‘We left Yeshu’: On Three 20th-Century Hebrew Poets’ Longing for Jesus

Amitai Mendelsohn
The Figure of Jesus in Israeli Art

Matthew Hoffman
Satire and Survival: What Jews Had to Say about Jesus and Why It Was Funny

Leora Batnitsky
Jesus in Modern Jewish Thought

Warren Zev Harvey
Harry Austryn Wolfson on the Jews’ Reclamation of Jesus