7th Lavy Colloquium

Martin Goodman
Jews on Josephus and the Roman Empire

Ra’anan Boustan
Jerusalem in Rome: Israelite Kingship, Christian Empire, and the Making of Jewish “Minority” Culture

Hayim Lapin
Embedded, Constructed, Resistant: How Do We Talk About Jews in the Roman Empire

Marina Rustow
The Jews and Oriental Despotism

David Wasserstein
Jews. Medieval Islam and the Limits of Empire

David Wasserstein
The ‘Maghribi Traders’: Reflections on Origins, Affinities, and Identities among Geniza Merchants

Francesca Trivellato
A Stateless Diaspora Between the Ottoman Empire and European Commercial Rivalries: Sephardic Merchants in the First Century Mediterranean

Julia Cohen
Sephardi Jews and the Modern Ottoman State

Rachel Manekin
Galician Jews and the Habsburg Policy of Religious Toleration

Israel Bartal
Imperial Identities, Zionism, and the Emergence of Modern Israeli Culture