8th Lavy Colloquium

Kenneth Moss
The (Dis)location of Yiddish Culture in Polish Jewish Political Thinking

Cecil Kuznitz
A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of Our Bitter Present Time: Yiddish Scholarship in 1935–1939

Kalman Weiser
Max Weinreich and the Beginnings of Yiddish Studies in American Academia

Misha Krutikov
Between Khurbn and Gzeyres: Soviet Yiddish Literature During 1945–1948

Anya Shternshis
Red Star Over the Shtetl: Nostalgia in the Post-Soviet Yiddish Culture

Justin Cammy
Yungvald, 1939: The Challenge of New Yiddish Culture on the Precipice

Marc Caplan
Singer or Sutzkever? Two Models for Post-Holocaust Yiddish Stylistics

Miriam Udel
Demonstrosties: Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Od-New Vocabulary for Evil

Dan Opatoshu
In Vestshester Velder: Yosef/Joseph Opatoshu-Construction a 20th-Century, Multinational, (Very) Modern Yiddish Identity

Rachel Seelig
Like a Barren Sheet of Paper: Rokhl Korn Between Galician Orchards and the Urban Solitude of Post-War Montreal

Hana Wirth-Nesher
The Afterlife of Yiddish in Jewish American Literature

Ayala Fader
Yinglish and English: Nonliberal Jewish Language in Brooklyn

Beatrice Caplan
Yiddish Language Pedagogy in the 21st Century