9th Lavy Colloquium

Elchanan Reiner
The Hakham Zvi and Nehemya Hiyoun Controversy: Toward Reevaluation of Sabbeteanism After the Conversion

Matthew Goldish
Further Thoughts on a Responsum of the Hakham Avi Concernin Repentatn Sabbateans

Moaz Kahana
A Tale of a Heartless Chicken: The Scientific Revolution Through Halachic Lens

David Katz
The 1 Century Responsa Writer as a Phenomenon

Yitzhak Melamed
Pantheism aut Sabbateanism? The Hakham Tzvi and David Nietto on God and Nature

Elisheva Carlebach
Rabbis in the Records: Pinkassim from Altona in the Late 1

Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg
Mitpacht Sefarim: Print, Authority, and Early Modern Criticism

Yaacob Dweck
Jacob Sasportas and Jacom Emden

Jacob Schachter
Rabbi Yacob Emden’s Megilat Sefer: Autobiography and Self-Revelation

Michael Miller
There is none that does good, no, not one: The Role of Maravia in the Emden-Ebyeschutz Controversy

Yechiel Goldhaber
Rabbi Jacob Emden and the Unification of the Altona-Hamberg-Wandsbek Communities

Michah Gottlieb
Jacom Emden, the Haskalah and the Reform of Jewish Education

Pawel Maciejko
Coitus Interruptus in Va-Avo Yom el ha-Ayyin