Plenary Session

Thursday, November 14   5–7 pm
Gilman Hall 132, Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus

Latin America and the Crises of the Liberal International Order

The rise of Trump, the Brexit vote, and the resurgence of populist politics around the world have produced anxieties about the decline of a “Liberal International Order.”

As part of an international research conference on the origins, nature, and possible futures of the Liberal International Order, this public plenary session will offer historical and contemporary views from a region often overlooked in the debates: Latin America.


Daniel Deudney
Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins

Tom Long
Associate Professor of Politics, University of Warwick

Margaret Keck
Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Johns Hopkins

Max Paul Friedman
Professor of History, American University

Arlene Tickner
Profesora Titular de Ciencia Política, Universidad del Rosario

Part of the Latin America in the Liberal World Order Conference, convened by the Latin America in a Globalizing World Initiative, Johns Hopkins University and the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies, American University