Working Papers

Papers are pre-circulated and will be discussed in a closed session among participants on November 15. Those interested in joining us for a public discussion are welcome at the Plenary Session on November 14 at 5pm.

  • Leslie Armijo (Simon Fraser University), “Does Multipolarity Enhance Latin Agency? China, the BRICS, and Regionalism.”
  • Cassandra Emmons (Princeton University), “Strategic Design of the Organization of American States’ Democracy Enforcement Toolkit.”
  • Ryan A. Musto (MIT), “Latin America’s Nuclear Governance: A Booster or Buster of the Liberal International Order?”
  • J. Luis Rodríguez (Johns Hopkins University), “Conservative Reformers: Latin American Supporters and the Crafting of Humanitarian Intervention Norms.”
  • Gema Santamaría (Loyola University Chicago), “Violence, (Un)Rule of Law and the Liberal International Order in Twentieth-Century Mexico: A Paradoxical Path?.”
  • Juan Pablo Scarfi (National University of San Martín and Fulbright Fellow, GWU), “The Latin American Politics of International Law and Liberalism: Latin American Countries’ Engagements with International Law and Their Contradictory Impact on the Liberal World Order.”
  • Carsten-Andreas Schulz (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) and Tom Long (University of Warwick), “Latin America and proto-multilateralism during the ‘formative period,’ 1864-1920.”
  • Daniela Stevens (CIDE, Mexico), “Can Latin America be a Global Leader in Climate Change Mitigation? Theory vs. Practice in the International Liberal Order.”
  • Christy Thornton (Johns Hopkins University), “The Infrastructure of Development and the Limits of the Liberal International Order: A Historical Analysis.”