With fresh eyes and a sense of purpose, researchers here are pushing to advance the field of African-American history in provocative new directions.


  • Climate Change

    By looking at clues from the past, present, and future, scientists here are working to better understand how our global climate could change—and the steps we can take now to avoid calamity down the road.

  • Getting it Just Right

    Once launched into deep space, the much-vaunted James Webb Space Telescope can’t be tweaked or repaired. That’s why precision testing is so crucial. Fortunately, an ingenious group of instrument engineers is more than up for the challenge.

  • Centerpiece

    A member of the men’s swim team, senior Ronan Corgel—an economics major—shows his skill with the butterfly stroke during the January Blue Jay Invitational, held at the Newton White Aquatic Center. [Photo by James T. VanRensselaer]


  • Dean’s Desktop

    Our undergraduates, regardless of their major, receive a liberal arts education that teaches them to read closely, write with accuracy, think critically, and embrace research—skills that prepare them for a successful professional life.

  • Snapshot: From the Office of Karen Fleming

    Take a peek into the office of this professor from the Department of Biophysics and see science and art come together.

  • The Cosmic Cocktail of Exoplanet Atmospheres

    Scientists are conducting experiments on haze formation in simulated exoplanet atmospheres. The simulations establish models that could eventually be used to look for signs of life outside the solar system.

  • photo of Bill Miller
    Philosophy Matters

    William H. “Bill” Miller III, legendary investor and former Johns Hopkins philosophy graduate student, has committed a record $75 million to the Krieger School’s Department of Philosophy.

  • In Memoriam

    We remember Robert C. Means, an adjunct professor in the Energy Policy and Environmental Program, and Gary Posner, the Jean and Norman Scowe Professor Emeritus of Chemistry.

  • Evidence Points to Cooling Property of Dark Matter

    A new measurement provides evidence for a new cooling property of dark matter, a possibility previously explored by a group of JHU professors, postdoctoral fellows, and students.

  • photo of Vesla Weaver
    New Bloomberg Professor Named

    Vesla Weaver has joined Johns Hopkins as a Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor in political science and sociology.

  • News Briefs

    More stories of note from around the Krieger School.

  • Tracks

    Following her passion from Homewood to Peabody and back.

  • Faculty Awards

    The latest recognitions of our stellar faculty.

  • Seen and Heard

    Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Big Ideas

  • Works in Progress

    A glimpse at ongoing faculty research.

  • A Place Apart

    Alice McDermott’s latest novel, The Ninth Hour, developed from her desire to understand selflessness, self-sacrifice, and the human suffering that the selfless seek to address.

  • More Faculty Books

    New publications from Krieger School faculty.

  • Syllabus: Zombies at Homewood

    In the course Zombies, students learn critical reading, thinking, and writing skills while exploring a topic [the undead] that is bound to capture their attention.

  • Tell Me About…

    Three faculty members, one question.

Student Digest

  • The Center for Visual Arts

    Established in 1974 as The Homewood Art Workshops, the center offers courses in drawing, painting, photography, cartooning, sculpture, and printmaking.

  • photo of student researcher Mike Tritsch
    Egyptian Endeavor

    Mike Tritsch, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow double-majoring in archaeology and Near Eastern studies, traveled to Luxor to assist with excavations at the Temple of Mut.

  • The Flow of History

    Shahmir Ali is exploring how teaching students in his native Pakistan about the region’s ancient approaches to water might empower the next generation to solve contemporary challenges.

  • photo of student researcher Alizay Jalisi
    Bridging the Divide

    Senior Alizay Jalisi combined her interests in health care, Spanish, and the immigrant experience into a research project evaluating a mental health support group.

  • photo of student researcher Gillian Waldo
    National Park Disservice

    Gillian Waldo, a senior film and media studies major, is researching the instances of racism and exclusion in the National Park Service’s history.

  • photo of Natalie Strobach
    Five Questions

    Natalie Strobach, director of undergraduate research, oversees the Woodrow Wilson Research program, the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards, and others.

  • photo of JHU field hockey player
    Sports Briefs

    News headlines in Hopkins sports.

  • Detail of face of Venus from Raphael's painting, Birth of Venus.
    Major Infatuation: Art History

    Students tell us why they love their major.

  • Photo of AAP graduate students at computer in health care site.
    By the Numbers

    Learn more about everything Advanced Academic Programs has to offer.


  • photo of Hopkins alumna Emily Sneff
    Chasing the Declaration of Independence

    Emily Sneff ’11 has made some interesting discoveries while working on a database of all known copies of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Alumni Kudos

    A round of applause for what our alumni have accomplished.

  • Alumni to Watch

    An award-winning book, two award-winning albums, and an organization with a noble cause. Our alumni are going places.

  • True Blue

    Edward Gillespie ’04 (MLA) is a detective who teaches in-service courses to police officers.

  • Finding Authentic Voices

    Teri Weiss ’89 is senior vice president, head of preschool at DreamWorks Animation Television.

  • photo of Ronald R. Peterson
    Curriculum Vitae: Ronald R. Peterson

    Ronald R. Peterson, transformational health care executive