Michael Hill '72 shares his freshman memories and reconnects with classmates who marched for justice with Chester Wickwire—and watched Baltimore burn.


  • The Art of Mathematics

    Deep thinkers all, our mathematicians spend their days gripped by “the music of reason.”

  • Eight Years Rising

    Rising to the Challenge, which ended in October, has been an eight-year fundraising campaign to support students, faculty members, research, and scholarship across the university. Here, we highlight eight of the campaign’s key priorities.

  • Centerpiece

    In the microcosm of a dewdrop, Homewood photographer Will Kirk captured the 35-foot “Red Sails” sculpture created by artist John Henry.


  • dean-wendland
    Dean’s Desktop

    The SNF Agora Institute will bring together experts and the general public to examine and elevate the state of civil discourse and democratic decision-making.

  • Building a Global Public Square

    The Hopkins Portal allowed visitors to be transported—via a floor-to-ceiling video screen and audiovisual technology—to a similar portal outside Erbil, Iraq.

  • Grand Opening: A New Innovation Hub

    FastForward U Homewood is a space in Remington dedicated to helping students turn their ideas into successful start-ups.

  • Snapshot: From the Office of William Rowe

    Take a peek into the office of this professor from the Department of History and see objects Rowe has gathered during his many trips to China.

  • In Memoriam

    We remember Joel Grossman, professor emeritus of political science; Aihud Pevsner, professor emeritus in the Department of Physics and Astronomy; and Willie Lee Rose, professor emerita of history.

  • JHU seal
    New Bloomberg Professors Named

    Renowned neuroscientist Richard Huganir and David Sing, a leading expert on exoplanets, have joined Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professors.

  • Gilman hall
    News Briefs

    More stories of note from around the Krieger School.

  • Tracks

    He wants to improve health care options in his native Guam.

  • Faculty Awards

    The latest recognitions of our stellar faculty.

  • Seen & Heard

    Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Big Ideas

  • Works in Progress

    A glimpse at ongoing faculty research.

  • The Science of Speculation

    Professor of philosophy Peter Achinstein’s new book, Speculation: Within and About Science, is a powerful intervention in the debate of the role of speculation in science.

  • More Faculty Books

    New publications from Krieger School faculty.

  • Syllabus: Acting Up

    In Acting I, John Astin ’52 uses his six decades of acting experience to teach a mix of students, from first-timers to those with significant experience.

  • Tell Me About…

    Three faculty members, one question.

Student Digest

  • Major Infatuation: Sociology

    Students tell us why they love their major.

  • photo: students whitewater rafting
    Pre-Orientation Adventures

    An annual weeklong Pre-Orientation program is offered every August to help freshmen establish a network of peers as they transition into life at Hopkins.

  • New Life for Old Drugs

    Neuroscience major Michael Peters hopes to publish his research on an anti-viral drug that may have applications in cancer treatment.

  • photo: Cameron Chenault in lab
    Fly by Night Research

    Sophomore Cameron Chenault, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow double-majoring in behavioral biology and film, studies whether bats “predict” their prey’s flight paths.

  • photo: Anthony Boutros
    Gender Defenders

    Anthony Boutros visited Lebanon last summer to interview leaders of more than a dozen gender justice groups about how they operate in the country’s political environment.

  • photo: Bridget Carolan
    Empowered While Imprisoned

    Bridget Carolan, a political science and international studies double major, is in Ireland studying how society’s most powerless women can ignite political change.

  • Five Questions

    Joseph Colón is the director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which is part of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Sports Briefs

    News headlines in Hopkins sports.

  • By the Numbers

    Meet the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences class of 2022.


  • Man vs. Volcano

    Don Swanson ’64 (PhD) is a volcanologist with the U.S. Geological Study, studying Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano.

  • Alumni Kudos

    A round of applause for what our alumni have accomplished.

  • Alumni to Watch

    A public health ambassador and an award-winning entrepreneur. Our alumni are going places.

  • Pianist of the Ages

    Jenny Lin ’94, ’98 (Peab), a Peabody-trained pianist, has spent two decades performing around the world and is known for her rangy repertoire.

  • The ClearMask Difference

    Allysa Dittmar ’14, ’17 (BSPH) has developed a transparent surgical mask to improve operating room communications with deaf, hard of hearing, and other vulnerable patients.

  • Curriculum Vitae: Lucie Fink

    Lucie Fink—video producer, lifestyle host, stop-motion artist, social media influencer.