More Faculty Books

By ksascomm

The Value of Violence book coverThe Value of Violence
Prometheus/Random House
By Benjamin Ginsberg
David Bernstein Professor of Political Science
Ginsberg argues that violence is often indispensable, unavoidable, and valuable. He discusses the notion that violence is the chief means by which society preserves social order and is a tool for social change.

Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space book coverMapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space
Springer Science and Business Media
Co-authored by Michael Harrower
Assistant Professor of Archaeology

This comprehensive overview of air- and space-borne imagery and related geospatial technologies is tailored to the needs of archaeologists.

Nothing by Design book coverNothing by Design
Alfred A. Knopf
By Mary Jo Salter
Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Writing Seminars

Salter’s new collection of poems, both sad and affirmative, explores the personal and public search for peace.

The François Vase book coverThe François Vase

Co-edited by Alan Shapiro
W.H. Collins Vickers Professor of Archaeology

The most celebrated of all Athenian-figured vases, the François Vase has been studied by scholars for centuries. This volume collects the most recent papers presented on the topic.

The American Political Landscape book coverThe American Political Landscape

Harvard University Press
Co-authored by Richard Spady
Research Professor, Economics

This full-scale analysis of U.S. electoral politics over the last quarter-century explains how different factors interact to produce the final tally of votes.

Sensation and Perception book coverSensation and Perception

Worth Publishers
By Steven Yantis
Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Yantis illustrates how scientists investigate and understand sensory and perception phenomena today.

Looking for Rights in All the Wrong Places book coverLooking for Rights in All the Wrong Places: Why State Constitutions Contain America’s Positive Rights
Princeton University Press
By Emily Zackin
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Zackin explores the reasons that activists pursued the creation of new state-level rights, and challenges readers to rethink basic assumptions about the American constitutional tradition.