Talene Bilazarian ’14: New Ways to Fight Terrorism

By ksascomm

The Research

Talene Bilazarian’s work evaluates the effectiveness of a counter-extremism initiative in the U.K. that engages with Muslim women to serve as partners in identifying radicalism. Bilazarian, a political science major, traveled to Britain to interview civil servants and female Muslim community leaders in order to ascertain whether the role assigned to women furthered the security objectives of the program and what broader impact this government focus had on Muslim women in Britain.

In Her Own Words

“I’m excited about this research because I’ve met some amazing community leaders, particularly police officers and cohesion officers—individuals who work with local government leaders, law enforcement officers, and minority community representatives—who are committed to listening and responding to the needs of Muslim communities. I was amazed at the sensitivity, patience, and receptivity of the community organizers and police officers I met across the U.K. Leaders of the U.K. initiative are training police officers in many EU member states in this kind of counter-terrorism strategy.”

Adviser: Niloofar Haeri, Professor/Department Chair, Anthropology