More Faculty Books

By ksascomm

The Long Shadow book coverThe Long Shadow: Family Background, Disadvantaged Urban Youth, and the Transition to Adulthood
Russell Sage Foundation
By Karl Alexander, John Dewey Professor of Sociology; Doris Entwistle, Research Professor, Sociology; and Linda Olsen, Associate Research Scientist

Combining original interviews with data from the authors, this text unravels the connections between socioeconomic origins and destinations to reveal who succeeds and why.

Contraband: Louis Mandrin and the Making of a Global Underground book coverContraband: Louis Mandrin and the Making of a Global Underground
Harvard University Press
By Michael Kwass, Associate Professor, History 

A new look at the legend of Louis Mandrin and the underworld he helped to create by exposing the dark side of this early phase of globalization.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction: book coverF. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction: “An Almost Theatrical Innocence”
Johns Hopkins University Press
By John Irwin, Decker Professor in the Humanities and Writing Seminars and English Professor

Details from Fitzgerald’s life are tied to elements from his entire body of work, and central themes are revealed.

The Bernward Gospels book coverThe Bernward Gospels: Art, Memory, and the Episcopate in Medieval Germany
Pennsylvania State University Press
By Jennifer Kingsley, Assistant Director, Museums and Society 

The first interpretive study of the pictorial program of this famed manuscript.

When the United States Spoke French: Five Refugees Who Shaped a Nation book coverWhen the United States Spoke French: Five Refugees Who Shaped a Nation
Penguin Press
By François Furstenberg, Associate Professor, History 

The republic’s formative years are explored from the viewpoint of a distinguished circle of five Frenchmen taking refuge in America.

Jews, Christians and Muslims in Medieval and Early Modern Times book coverJews, Christians and Muslims in Medieval and Early Modern Times: A Festschrift in Honor of Mark R. Cohen
Leiden: Brill
Co-edited by Marina Rustow, Charlotte Bloomberg Associate Professor in the Humanities, History

Articles on the cultural, religious, social, and commercial interactions among Jews, Christians, and Muslims in medieval and early modern periods.

Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World book coverNoncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World: Addressing Gaps in Global Policy and Research
Johns Hopkins University Press
Co-edited by Louis Galambos, Professor, History

Essays on key areas where stronger policies and health systems can have the most impact.

Conversations in the House of Life book coverConversations in the House of Life: A New Translation of the Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth
Harrassowitz, Verlag
By Richard Jasnow, Professor, Near Eastern Studies

The essays, commentary, and glossary explore the universe of the Book of Thoth.