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When we pay attention to something, we’re not just focusing on the thing that we want to pay attention to, we’re also ignoring all the other information in the world.”
Shreesh Mysore, Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
NPR, September 2018, on studying barn owls to learn why people with ADHD struggle to focus.

It’s just a hard problem. I am optimistic we will learn more about dark energy in the coming decade.”
Adam Riess, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Thomas J. Barber Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Krieger Eisenhower Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Nobel Laureate
Cosmos Magazine, September 2018, on the continued search for dark energy.

I’m afraid because of the political situation in the U.S. today, we’re moving in the wrong direction of reducing regulation. We should’ve learned that more regulation is needed.”
Laurence Ball, Professor, Economics
CNBC, October 2018, on applying lessons from the 2008 financial crisis.

We need to find signals in the light from supermassive black hole binaries distinctive enough that astronomers can find these rare systems among the throng of bright single supermassive black holes.”
Julian Krolik, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Daily Mail, October 2018, on new clues about what happens when supermassive black holes collide.

The solution is not to attack those scholars who are devoted to studying marginalized people. The solution, rather, is to ensure that the study of the marginalized not itself be marginalized — or self-marginalized. The experiences of racial and gender minorities are essential aspects of history, literature, and philosophy because they are experiences essential to all societies, and always have been.”
William Egginton, Decker Professor in the Humanities, German and Romance Languages and Literatures
The New York Times, October 2018, writing on the recent hoax in which 20 sham articles were submitted to journals—and seven of them were accepted—in fields the three hoaxers called “grievance studies” (e.g. gender or sexuality studies and critical race theory).