Department: Alumni Archive

Patricia Hutton

Bringing Writing Into Baltimore Schools

Issue: Fall 2011

“I want you to think about how to get rid of wishy-washy words,” Writing Seminars graduate Phyllis Zhu ’11 instructed […]

Seal of the State of Washington

Grappling with the Politics of Washington…State, That Is

Issue: Fall 2011

Adam Kline (l) and Fred Finn are dedicated to Washington state residents. They were two dedicated Washington state politicians out […]

Huang and Cheung

Doing Something Disruptive

Issue: Fall 2011

Chieh Huang ’03 (right) could have been a lawyer, and Chris Cheung ’03 could have become a financier. They could […]

Li Mandri

Suited to a "T"

Issue: Spring 2011

When Emily Li Mandri ’09 found herself contemplating life after Hopkins during January of her senior year, she considered going […]

Phil Bildner

Hard Work in the Big Easy

Issue: Spring 2011

Phil Bildner ’90 quit his New York City teaching job five years ago—but now more than ever, he’s involved in […]

Marshall Honorof

The Writing Nut

Issue: Spring 2011

Much of Marshall Honorof‘s novel, Space and Sensibility, came to light during his commute into Manhattan. "Most people have more […]

Paula Boggs

A Champion for Young Americans

Issue: Spring 2011

"Why should I care?" That’s the question that Paula Boggs ’81 wants to answer, right after delivering the message that […]