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Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Fall 2017

Internships, scholarships, and unique research opportunities allow our students to gain global knowledge and to prepare for successful and fulfilling lives and careers.

Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Spring 2017

What are the ingredients necessary to create a rewarding and fruitful undergraduate experience? Ingredients for this experience “recipe” include: students […]

Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Fall 2016

Welcome to our new faculty who will continue the time-honored Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence in teaching and research.

Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Spring 2016

I continue to be impressed with the focus, drive, and the intellectual curiosity of our students.

Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Fall 2015

How do we, together with Baltimoreans, define the most pressing needs that the Krieger School is uniquely situated to address?

New Vision for the Krieger School

Issue: Spring 2015

"Being the interim dean of the Krieger School gave me a whole new view of this amazing institution..."

Giving Back

Issue: Fall 2014

A note from Interim Dean Beverly Wendland.

A Fond Farewell

Issue: Spring 2014

A letter from Katherine Newman, James B. Knapp Dean.

Inside Our New Citadel of Science

Issue: Fall 2013

The rebirth of science education is taking place inside a stunning structure of glass and wood, light and air, with soaring ceilings and the natural environment visible from every angle.

“One University” Model Benefits All

Issue: Spring 2013

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences is something of a Grand Central Station for the university. Connections branch out […]