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John Guess

“I Sit with Shakespeare and He Winces Not”

Issue: Spring 2012

Profile of Hopkins civil rights pioneer and arts advocate John Guess, Jr. '71

Can You Wrap Your Head Around M2-Branes?

Issue: Fall 2011

Spontaneous advances in M-theory and supersymmetry. 

Fresh Perspectives on Autism

Issue: Fall 2011

Could children with autism improve their social skills by also improving their ability to discern spatial relationships?

Seeing the Eye's Not-So-Simple Subtleties

Issue: Fall 2011

Long referred to as the window to the soul, the eye also plays an important role in regulating the body’s […]

Reclaiming Hart Crane's 'Splendid Failure'

Issue: Fall 2011

Here is how John Irwin would like you to make acquaintance with the greatest poem you’ve never read: find a […]