Department: Insights Archive

Film & Media Studies

Issue: Spring 2012

Engaging websites from around the Krieger School.

Wretched Subjects

Issue: Spring 2012

A course on science's outcast disciplines

More Faculty Books

Issue: Spring 2012

Seven new works from Krieger professors and lectures.

The Plastic Beauty

Issue: Spring 2012

Bernadette Wegenstein's new book 'The Cosmetic Gaze"

Model United Nations Conference Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Issue: Spring 2012

“It was a lot of running around, but we made it work.”

Pellichero repairs a print of Baltimore

Preserving the Past

Issue: Fall 2011

It takes a steady hand and lots of expertise to preserve an old and damaged but historically important print. Just […]

Man Carrying United States

Can the Federal Reserve Save America?

Issue: Fall 2011

Illustration: Robert Neubecker At no time in recent history has the Federal Reserve garnered quite so much attention, at home […]

Illustration of numbers

Number Sense? Count On It from Birth

Issue: Fall 2011

Illustration: Robert Neubecker When Melissa Libertus was in high school, she loved math—and was so good at it that she […]

Nathan Connolly


Issue: Fall 2011

Location, location, location—the popular adage implies a property’s geographical site is the most important consideration in determining its value. Generally, […]

Digital Art

The Digital Media Center

Issue: Fall 2011

Even at JHU, where innovative collaborations are the norm, the Brown Foundation Digital Media Center (DMC) stands apart. Part state‑of‑the‑art […]