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Great Wall of Waverly

Thanks for the photo spread on the “Great Wall of Waverly” [Fall 2011]. The mural couldn’t have been completed without […]

A poem lovely as … a smartphone?

I enjoyed the interview with poet and professor Mary Jo Salter [Fall 2011, “A poem lovely as … a smartphone?”]. […]

The Darkroom Goes Dark

I was unpleasantly surprised to learn of the death of analog (darkroom) photography. Until “The Darkroom Goes Dark” [Fall 2011] […]

Credit Where Credit is Due

The Spring issue of the magazine devoted the back cover to a wonderful student project— LBD: Liberation By Design. You […]

The Next Tommy Hilfiger

The article about Emily Li Mandri by Maria Blackburn [Spring ’11] can be summed up as “Necessity is the Mother […]