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Marina Suarez

Issue: Spring 2011

“When I was in the second grade, we had a dinosaur unit and since then, I’ve never looked back! Finding […]

Where Arts and Sports Connect… There’s Hope

Issue: Spring 2011

As the graphic images of the World Trade Center attacks played continuously on TV, a 12-year-old Mohammad Modarres sought to […]

A Boost for Collaborative China Studies

Issue: Spring 2011

Former Hopkins President Steven Muller first envisioned a Johns Hopkins relationship with China back in 1977. He wanted to replicate […]

JHU Arts Festival

Celebrating the Arts

Issue: Spring 2011

Over five days in early April, Hopkins artists of every variety shared their talents at venues across the university. There […]

Owen Martin Phillips


Issue: Spring 2011

Owen Martin Phillips, a Johns Hopkins University faculty member emeritus and world-renowned oceanographer, died on Oct. 13 at his Chestertown, […]


Interns with Impact

Issue: Spring 2011

Service-minded undergraduates who want to intern at Baltimore non-profits and government agencies this summer can now get paid to do […]


Out of Egypt

Issue: Spring 2011

Sixteen members of the Krieger School community were in Egypt when anti-government protesters took to the streets in late January, […]


A New Home for Blue Jays Lacrosse

Issue: Spring 2011

On February 15, Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels announced plans to build a new facility that “will once again set […]

Faculty Awards

Issue: Spring 2011

Three Krieger School faculty members are among 17 eminent Johns Hopkins scholars from across the divisions selected to serve as […]

Gilman Hall

Brainstorming for the Future

Issue: Spring 2011

With its estimated 100 billion nerve cells, 2 million miles of axons, and 1 million billion synapses, the human brain […]