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Seen & Heard

Issue: Fall 2018

Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

The Cosmic Cocktail of Exoplanet Atmospheres

Issue: Spring 2018

Scientists are conducting experiments on haze formation in simulated exoplanet atmospheres. The simulations establish models that could eventually be used to look for signs of life outside the solar system.

photo of Bill Miller

Philosophy Matters

Issue: Spring 2018

William H. "Bill" Miller III, legendary investor and former Johns Hopkins philosophy graduate student, has committed a record $75 million to the Krieger School’s Department of Philosophy.

Snapshot: From the Office of Karen Fleming

Issue: Spring 2018

Take a peek into the office of this professor from the Department of Biophysics and see science and art come together.

Evidence Points to Cooling Property of Dark Matter

Issue: Spring 2018

A new measurement provides evidence for a new cooling property of dark matter, a possibility previously explored by a group of JHU professors, postdoctoral fellows, and students.

headshot photos of 4 student researchers

Field Notes

Undergraduates on the path to discovery discuss their research.

Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Spring 2018

Our undergraduates, regardless of their major, receive a liberal arts education that teaches them to read closely, write with accuracy, think critically, and embrace research—skills that prepare them for a successful professional life.

photo of Vesla Weaver

New Bloomberg Professor Named

Issue: Spring 2018

Vesla Weaver has joined Johns Hopkins as a Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor in political science and sociology.

Faculty Awards

Issue: Spring 2018

The latest recognitions of our stellar faculty.

Gilman hall

News Briefs

Issue: Spring 2018

More stories of note from around the Krieger School.