Department: Research Archive

Olivia Schieber '14: Soldiers of South Korea

Issue: Spring 2014

Olivia Schieber had the opportunity to hear firsthand from Korean nationals about their military experience—information that is typically only found in Korean.

Chris Hynes '14: A Question of Morality

Issue: Spring 2014

Chris Hynes, a double major in mathematics and philosophy, explores competing views of morality.

Kelsey Champagne '15: History Detective

Issue: Spring 2014

Kelsey Champagne’s work meticulously creates a micro-history of a little known historical figure, Solomon Aldred.

Eric Wan

Eric Wan ’14: Seeking Quality of Life

Issue: Fall 2013

Eric Wan is working with researchers from the School of Medicine to measure the quality of life of women across the different procedures and stages of breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery.

Baby Booking still

Abby Harri ’14 and Michael Nakan ’14: Searching for Justice

Issue: Fall 2013

Abby Harri and Michael Nakan are collaborating on Baby Booking, a documentary that paints a picture of the state of juvenile justice in Baltimore.

Elizabeth McIntosh

Elizabeth McIntosh ’14: No Faerie Tale

Issue: Fall 2013

Elizabeth McIntosh’s project focuses on the influence of Elizabeth I’s patronage on Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

Heshy Roskes

Heshy Roskes ’14: Smashing Particles

Issue: Fall 2013

Physics and astronomy major Heshy Roskes used his research award to travel to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, to work on the famed Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Samuel Chirtel

Samuel Chirtel ’14: Tales of Istanbul

Issue: Fall 2013

Sam Chirtel will graduate in June with a degree in biophysics, but he may be well on the road to being a novelist.

Diana Jeang

Diana Jeang ’14: Seeking Immunity

Issue: Fall 2013

The goal of Diana Jeang’s research is to determine what biological and immune factors in the vaginal mucosa may inhibit or favor the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women.

Alessandra Villarreal

Alessandra Villarreal ’14: Piecing Together Fragments

Issue: Fall 2013

Alessandra Villarreal’s research took her to Cahal Pech, an archaeological site in Belize, to analyze and interpret Pre-classic Maya architecture.