Department: Research Archive

Sarah Horton ’14: Immigration and Housing

Issue: Fall 2013

Sarah Horton is using her Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award to investigate why many Hispanic immigrants choose to come to Baltimore.

Poetic Justice

Issue: Spring 2013

The recipient of a Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award, Grady Stevens embarked on an extensive study of influential ancient Greek thinkers Homer, Hesiod, and Plato.

Creating Health Care Opportunities in Poor Nations

Issue: Spring 2013

he fieldwork of Sminu Bose ’12 took her to India and Cambodia.

Healing the City’s Wounded

Issue: Spring 2013

Lisa Smith ’13 conducts surveys about wound care on the mobile van of the Baltimore City Needle Exchange Program.

Searching for Etruscan Children

Issue: Spring 2013

Marie Nicole Coscolluela’s research considers the life of Etruscan children.

How Free Is Free Will?

Issue: Fall 2012

The nature of free will and moral responsibility is a discussion philosophers have been having for centuries. Now neuroscientists are adding to the conversation.

Kevin Chun

The Gilman Years — Before Johns Hopkins

Issue: Fall 2012

While writing his thesis on Daniel Coit Gilman, Kevin Chun '12 uncovered little-known facts about Johns Hopkins’ first president.

Omar Haque

Mapping Out Global Health Care Systems

Issue: Fall 2012

How do socioeconomic conditions affect life expectancy? Do people in countries with nationalized medicine live longer?

Rafee Al-Mansur (left) and Mohamed Hamouda

Forging Connections Among Muslims

Issue: Fall 2012

Rafee Al-Mansur and Mohamed Hamouda are producing a documentary film about African-American and immigrant Muslim communities in Baltimore.

Waste Not, Want Not

Issue: Fall 2012

Lily Newman '12 traced the fascinating past of medical waste and various views on disposal methods.