Department: Student Digest Archive

The Flow of History

Issue: Spring 2018

Shahmir Ali is exploring how teaching students in his native Pakistan about the region’s ancient approaches to water might empower the next generation to solve contemporary challenges.

photo of student researcher Alizay Jalisi

Bridging the Divide

Issue: Spring 2018

Senior Alizay Jalisi combined her interests in health care, Spanish, and the immigrant experience into a research project evaluating a mental health support group.

photo of student researcher Gillian Waldo

National Park Disservice

Issue: Spring 2018

Gillian Waldo, a senior film and media studies major, is researching the instances of racism and exclusion in the National Park Service's history.

photo of student researcher Mike Tritsch

Egyptian Endeavor

Issue: Spring 2018

Mike Tritsch, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow double-majoring in archaeology and Near Eastern studies, traveled to Luxor to assist with excavations at the Temple of Mut.

photo of Natalie Strobach

Five Questions

Issue: Spring 2018

Natalie Strobach, director of undergraduate research, oversees the Woodrow Wilson Research program, the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards, and others.

photo of JHU field hockey player

Sports Briefs

Issue: Spring 2018

News headlines in Hopkins sports.

Detail of face of Venus from Raphael's painting, Birth of Venus.

Major Infatuation: Art History

Issue: Spring 2018

Students tell us why they love their major.

Photo of AAP graduate students at computer in health care site.

By the Numbers

Issue: Spring 2018

Learn more about everything Advanced Academic Programs has to offer.

The Center for Visual Arts

Issue: Spring 2018

Established in 1974 as The Homewood Art Workshops, the center offers courses in drawing, painting, photography, cartooning, sculpture, and printmaking.

Global Perspectives on Public Health

Issue: Fall 2017

Public Health Studies students study abroad in South Africa, where they take classes and work with non-profit organizations.