Department: Student Digest Archive

Five Questions

Issue: Fall 2018

Joseph Colón is the director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which is part of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Sports Briefs

Issue: Fall 2018

News headlines in Hopkins sports.

By the Numbers

Issue: Fall 2018

Meet the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences class of 2022.

Major Infatuation: Sociology

Issue: Fall 2018

Students tell us why they love their major.

photo: Anthony Boutros

Gender Defenders

Issue: Fall 2018

Anthony Boutros visited Lebanon last summer to interview leaders of more than a dozen gender justice groups about how they operate in the country's political environment.

photo: Cameron Chenault in lab

Fly by Night Research

Issue: Fall 2018

Sophomore Cameron Chenault, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow double-majoring in behavioral biology and film, studies whether bats “predict” their prey’s flight paths.

photo: Bridget Carolan

Empowered While Imprisoned

Issue: Fall 2018

Bridget Carolan, a political science and international studies double major, is in Ireland studying how society’s most powerless women can ignite political change.

New Life for Old Drugs

Issue: Fall 2018

Neuroscience major Michael Peters hopes to publish his research on an anti-viral drug that may have applications in cancer treatment.

photo: students whitewater rafting

Pre-Orientation Adventures

Issue: Fall 2018

An annual weeklong Pre-Orientation program is offered every August to help freshmen establish a network of peers as they transition into life at Hopkins.

The Flow of History

Issue: Spring 2018

Shahmir Ali is exploring how teaching students in his native Pakistan about the region’s ancient approaches to water might empower the next generation to solve contemporary challenges.