Department: Student Digest Archive

Sports Briefs

Issue: Fall 2018

News headlines in Hopkins sports.

By the Numbers

Issue: Fall 2018

Meet the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences class of 2022.

Major Infatuation: Sociology

Issue: Fall 2018

Students tell us why they love their major.

photo: Anthony Boutros

Gender Defenders

Issue: Fall 2018

Anthony Boutros visited Lebanon last summer to interview leaders of more than a dozen gender justice groups about how they operate in the country's political environment.

photo: Cameron Chenault in lab

Fly by Night Research

Issue: Fall 2018

Sophomore Cameron Chenault, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow double-majoring in behavioral biology and film, studies whether bats “predict” their prey’s flight paths.

photo: Bridget Carolan

Empowered While Imprisoned

Issue: Fall 2018

Bridget Carolan, a political science and international studies double major, is in Ireland studying how society’s most powerless women can ignite political change.

New Life for Old Drugs

Issue: Fall 2018

Neuroscience major Michael Peters hopes to publish his research on an anti-viral drug that may have applications in cancer treatment.

photo: students whitewater rafting

Pre-Orientation Adventures

Issue: Fall 2018

An annual weeklong Pre-Orientation program is offered every August to help freshmen establish a network of peers as they transition into life at Hopkins.

The Flow of History

Issue: Spring 2018

Shahmir Ali is exploring how teaching students in his native Pakistan about the region’s ancient approaches to water might empower the next generation to solve contemporary challenges.

photo of student researcher Alizay Jalisi

Bridging the Divide

Issue: Spring 2018

Senior Alizay Jalisi combined her interests in health care, Spanish, and the immigrant experience into a research project evaluating a mental health support group.