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New Professors, Fall 2016

Issue: Fall 2016

Janice Chen, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Research Interests: Real-world memory, cognitive neuroscience, temporal structure in cognition Lan Cheng, Chemistry; Research […]

Baby Booking still

Abby Harri ’14 and Michael Nakan ’14: Searching for Justice

Issue: Fall 2013

Abby Harri and Michael Nakan are collaborating on Baby Booking, a documentary that paints a picture of the state of juvenile justice in Baltimore.

Josh Gleason '13 and Carlos Valdes-Lora '13 (Photo: Eddie Winter)

Professor’s New Film Puts Students to Work

Issue: Fall 2012

When Matthew Porterfield’s eagerly awaited film debuts in early 2013, several Johns Hopkins film majors will be listed in the credits.

Naomi Levin in the field

Professor Discovers Remains of Ancient Human Ancestor

Issue: Spring 2012

Assistant Professor Naomi Levin's role in finding the oldest ancestor of all modern humans. 

Hopkins Astrophysicists Detect One of the Farthest Supernovae

Issue: Spring 2012

Stellar explosion helps explain universe's evolution. 

Film & Media Studies

Issue: Spring 2012

Engaging websites from around the Krieger School. 

Model United Nations Conference Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Issue: Spring 2012

“It was a lot of running around, but we made it work.”

Gauging Gatsby’s Universality

Issue: Spring 2012

Krieger student studies how Fitzgerald is taught differently around the world. 

A Breakthrough Ruling Rocks Not-so-Mundane Iowa

Issue: Spring 2012

A closer look at the state's historic same-sex marriage laws.

Unearthing the Rise of Ethics in Medical Education

Issue: Spring 2012

Why med schools didn't start teaching ethics until 1977.