Film & Media Studies

Worth A Surf
Worth a Surf: Film and Media Studies is an undergraduate program incorporating courses in film history, aesthetics, and theory; theory and […]

Worth A Surf

 A Breakthrough Ruling Rocks Not-so-Mundane Iowa

Andrew Rosenberg ’12 recognizes that his native Iowa—known for corn, soybeans, and the state fair—might seem mundane to his East […]

 Unearthing the Rise of Ethics in Medical Education

As a regular reader of medical journals, pre-med student Lindsey Hutzler ’12 thought nothing between their pages could shock her. […]

 Model United Nations Conference Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Clad in business suits and high heels, flocks of young men and women hurry down Baltimore’s Pratt Street toward the […]

 Gauging Gatsby’s Universality

Chris Benner ’12, like countless other American students, has declared F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby his favorite novel. But this […]

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