Retirement Symposium Honoring Rudiger von der Heydt

symposium flier

Join us May 15-16 in the Sherwood Room for, “Why we see things the way we do,” Rüdiger von der Heydt’s retirement symposium celebrating research into the neural basis of visual perception.


“Neural processing of Shitsukan—perception of materials and surface qualities of objects”
Hidehiko Komatsu, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan

“Functional modules: How do we get them and what good are they?”
Margaret Livingstone, Harvard Medical School

“The subjective contour as border ownership readout”
Ken Nakayama, Harvard University

“Cortical processing of visual occlusion”
Anitha Pasupathy, University of Washington

“Thinking and perceiving with the visual brain”
Pieter Roelfsema, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

“Fading and lling-in and the perception of extended surfaces”
Lothar Spillmann, National Taiwan University

“Constructing a coherent account of a visual scene: Interactions between face patches and retinotopic cortex”
Doris Tsao, California Institute of Technology

Schedule of Events (pdf)