MBI Postdoctoral Researcher Pierre Sacre Awarded KavliNDI Fellowship


Pierre Sacre, a postdoctoral fellow affiliated with the Mind/Brain Institute, was one of the recipients of the inaugural Postdoctoral Discovery Fellows Program of the Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Sacre will be working with Prof. Ernst Niebur of the Mind/Brain Institute and Prof. Sridevi Sarma in the Department of Biomedical Engineering towards our understanding of how decisions are made at the finest possible resolution, at the millisecond level. The project will exploit a unique opportunity to record from humans with medically-refractory epilepsy who undergo a surgical procedure for placement of depth electrodes for seizure monitoring while they perform a decision-making task. The neuronal data obtained will be analyzed by novel statistical modeling techniques that will be used to estimate the decision makers’ internal state.