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MBI Researchers Publish in Neuron

MBI graduate student Doug GoodSmith and postdoctoral fellow Xiaojing Chen published a new paper in Neuron. This paper resulted from a collaboration between the Knierim lab of MBI and Kim Christian of the Song lab of the JHU Institute for Cell Engineering. Their findings described the spatial firing characteristics and pattern separation properties of different cell types in the dentate gyrus region of the hippocampus.

Knierim Lab Publishes New Paper in eLife

Research Scientist Francesco Savelli of the Knierim lab published a new article on the functional properties of “grid cells”—the brains’ “internal GPS”—in the journal eLife.  This paper showed that the spatial […]

MBI Researchers Awarded New Collaborative Grant

MBI Professors Ernst Niebur and Rudiger von der Heydt were awarded a new NIH research grant, in collaboration with Prof. Ralph Etienne-Cummings of the Department of Electrical and Chemical Engineering. […]

Nielsen Publishes in Neuron

MBI Assistant Professor Kristina Nielsen published a research article in the journal Neuron. In collaboration with researchers at the Salk Institute, Nielsen and her colleagues demonstrated a new organizing principle of how visual features are mapped efficiently in the primary visual cortex of macaque monkeys.

Niebur Lab Receives New Grant from ONR

MBI Professor of Neuroscience Ernst Niebur has been awarded a new grant from the Office of Naval Research. The title of the grant is “Bayesian approach for integrating spatial and […]