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Alexandre Dumas: Ecrire noir/ou blanc

Friday, April 22, 2022 9:00AM-9:30AM --BREAKFAST9:30-9:45 AM - OPENING REMARKS Daniel Desormeaux (Johns Hopkins University), Julie Anselmini (Université de Caen, France,10:00 -11:00-- INAUGURAL LECTURE Claude Schopp (Président de la Société des Amis d' Alexandre Dumas) "Alexandre Dumas et ses domestiques de couleur11:00AM-1:00 PM --PANELI11:00 -11:30: Nathalie Solomon (Université de Perpignan) "L'étranger dans les récits de […]

Modernism at the Beach

Associate Professor of French Hannah Freed-Thall (New York University) presents "Modernism at the Beach," a lecture that touches on queer sexuality and the balneary cultures of France as viewed by Marcel Proust. Gilman Hall Rm. 208.

The World is a Theater: Apollinaire, War, and Nation

Professor Rentzou's (Princeton) talk, "The World is a Theater: Apollinaire, War, and Nation," will be held in Gilman 479.  Rentzou is the author of the newly published Concepts of the World: The French Avant-Garde and the Idea of the International (Northwestern UP, 2022) and of Littérature malgré elle: le surréalisme et la transformation du littéraire (2010). At […]

Rousseau’s Philosophy of Government

Gilman 479 Considering Rousseau as a philosopher may still sound like an iconoclastic claim – didn’the spend most of his writings criticizing the philosophes of the Enlightenment? Claimingthat Rousseau is a philosopher of government may sound even bolder – isn’t he usuallyconsidered as a mostly utopian political thinker? This talk will challenge these twoassumptions, examining […]

Language Night @ JHU

Gilman Atrium

Gilman Atrium Are you taking a foreign language now? Wondering how to fit language study into your schedule? Asking yourself what language you'll study next, or getting ready to study abroad? Come learn about Spring 2023 course offerings, programs of study, and extracurriculars in Modern Languages and Literatures as well as through the Center for […]