Italian Program People Directory

  • Faculty

  • Laura Di Bianco

    Assistant Professor of Italian Studies
    Director of Undergraduate Studies, Italian
    Affiliated Faculty with the Center for Advanced Media Studies
    Program for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
    Environmental Science and Studies Program

    PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY
    • Gilman 492
    • 410-516-2022
    • Research Interests: Italian Cinema, 20th and 21st Italian Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies, Environmental Humanities.
  • Arielle Saiber

    Research Professor, Italian

    PhD, Yale
    • Gilman 478
    • Research Interests: Dante, Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature and philosophy, History of mathematics, Early print history, Science fiction, Nonhuman Studies, Electronic music
  • Walter Stephens

    Charles S. Singleton Professor of Italian
    Head of the Italian Subdivision
    Director of Graduate Studies, Italian
    Executive Board, Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe

    PhD, Cornell University, PhD, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
    • Gilman 408
    • 410-516-7229
    • Research Interests: Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature, history and theory of forgery, the literature of witchcraft.
  • Alessandro Zannirato

    Associate Teaching Professor of Italian
    Language Program Director, Italian

    PhD, University of Cape Town
    • Gilman 448B
    • 410-516-7230
    • Research Interests: foreign language pedagogy; foreign language teacher training; liaison, community and conference interpreting; program evaluation.
  • Leonardo Proietti

    Senior Lecturer, Italian

    MA, UCLA
    • Gilman 481
    • 410-516-4239
    • Research Interests: Italian cultural studies, with a particular focus on visual culture, including film, art, and fashion
  • Associated Faculty

  • Stephen J. Campbell

    Henry and Elizabeth Wiesenfeld Professor, Department of History of Art

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • Gilman 170
    • 410-516-4928
    • Research Interests: Renaissance and Baroque, notions of style and visual communication
  • Christopher S. Celenza

    James B. Knapp Dean, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

    PhD, Duke University
    PhD, University of Hamburg
    • Research Interests: Renaissance latin, paleography, history of classical tradition
  • Matthew Roller

    Professor, Classics

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • Gilman 102
    • 410-516-5095
    • Research Interests: Latin literature; Roman social and cultural history; Graeco-Roman philosophy
  • Susan Weiss

    Professor of Musicology, The Peabody Institute at JHU

    PhD, University of Maryland
    • Research Interests: Medieval music and learning; music and memory
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