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Minor in Latin American Studies

The Latin American studies minor with a focus on Portuguese language and Brazilian culture provides students with advanced training in the Portuguese language and in the diverse cultural and literary worlds of Brazil, Portugal, and the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa and Asia. The minor also fosters deep understanding of Brazilian politics, economy, society, and culture.

Faculty help students master key components of the Portuguese language that enable rich and complex expression, such as linking words, idioms, and registers of style, as well as to appreciate grammatical differences between Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Upper-level courses in Brazilian culture studies provide students with valuable insight into Brazilian history, art, literature, popular culture, theater, cinema, and music. The courses discuss how Indigenous, Asian, African, and European cultural influences have interacted and combined to create a new and unique nation.


The requirements for a minor in Latin American studies with a focus on Portuguese language and Brazilian culture are as follows:

The student must successfully complete Portuguese language courses through the Intermediate level (or equivalent placement test), plus six courses (beyond the Elementary level), including:

  • 4 additional upper-level courses (300 or higher)
    • 2 Portuguese language courses at the Advanced level or 2 literature courses
    • 2 further 200-level courses related to Brazilian culture or history
  • 2 additional courses at any level dealing with Latin America. Note: 3-credit Intersession or Summer session non-language courses offered by JHU may be used to fulfill this requirement.
  • No grade below C- will be accepted for the minor requirement.

*The requirements for the concentration are the same as those for the regular Latin American studies minor, except for the thematic content.

We also recommend that Latin American studies minors with a focus on Portuguese language and Brazilian culture study abroad, either for a semester, an Intersession, or a summer.