Portuguese Placement Exam

Students who have taken Portuguese before and plan to continue at Hopkins must take the departmental placement exam before registering for a Portuguese class. This exam is available online year-round; for the most accurate placement recommendation, take it just before the semester you actually plan to study the language. This placement test covers grammar, vocabulary, reading skills, and writing.

How to Register for a Portuguese Class

  1. Follow the links below and take the test online. You may only take the exam once.
  2. After taking the exam, send an email to Professor Flavia Azeredo-Cerqueira, director of the Portuguese Language Program, asking for permission to sign up for the class that matches your score.
  3. When she receives your email, Professor Azeredo-Cerqueira will notify the Registrar’s Office to update your SIS record and permit you to register for a Portuguese class at the approved level as soon as registration opens for your cohort.

This placement exam should take approximately 60 minutes to complete. Be sure you allow yourself sufficient time to complete the entire exam at once. After you finish the test, your writing will be automatically sent to Professor Azeredo-Cerqueira for grading. The results of this exam are subject to review of the corresponding course coordinator, who might find it necessary to place you in a different level of Portuguese.

Portuguese Placement Exam Ethics Statement

Johns Hopkins University believes strongly that every member of its community should hold the highest standard of integrity for their work and avoid academic dishonesty. As an incoming freshman, you are expected to behave in an ethical manner as you begin your Hopkins career while taking the online French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish placement exam.

You must take this test without receiving assistance from anyone else and without the help of any document (no notes, no book, no dictionary). You are allowed to take this test ONLY ONCE. Reproduction of the material on this test is a violation of ethical standards. Therefore, you should not discuss the questions on these tests with others nor may you provide others with the questions on these tests.

By accepting the following statements, you may begin the online placement exam:

  1. I will do my own work on this test. I will not receive assistance from another person nor from books or other documents.
  2. I will not discuss this test with others or reproduce test questions in any format.
  3. I will take this test online only once.

Online Placement Exam

Please follow the steps below to take the test:

  1. Log in to Blackboard with your JHED ID/password.
  2. Next, click this link to be taken to a page that will automatically enroll you in the Portuguese Placement Exam.